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Tinted Mineral SPF 35

Light, Fair, Medium and Dark.
This award winning product protects, moisturizes and provides a sheer coverage to maintain your skin’s youth and beauty.


Titanium Dioxide Suncream SPF 35

BiON’s award winning physical suncream with SPF 35 provides UVA and UVB protection.


Post Waxing Lotion

Inhibiting the development of ingrown hairs after waxing and shaving is essential for your clients.


Naturally Clean Body Wash

Naturally Clean Body Wash is an antibacterial wash for daily use on all skin types.



Naturally Soft Body Lotion

This deep skin hydrating lotion for both men and women is a perfect compliment to BiON’s Naturally Clean Body Wash and shares the same great citrus aroma.


 Coco Mango Body Butter

This thick, rich cream contains butters of cocoa, cupuacu, mango and shea.


Glycolic 20% Skin Cream

The 20% glycolic acid and the intense softening agents in Glycolic 20% Skin Cream help to exfoliate, smooth, and soften rough skin.


Dermatitis Cream

Dermatitis cream relieves the appearance and itch of dermatitis conditions...


Restorative Balm

Restorative Balm is a product that was requested by our distributors in Finland for the extremely dry winter conditions causing cracked, dry skin.


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