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We have products that have been developed to successfully treat all skin types and many skin conditions. The list is concise and easy for the esthetician or clinician to find the products that they need. All ingredients are listed in our catalog. Many of the products are effective for more than one skin problem, limiting the number of professional products needed. For example, BiON Mandelic Serum 8% and 15% is effective for anti-aging, acne and hyperpigmentation.

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BiON Skincare is a family owned USA manufacturer that takes pride in its innovative products and great detail to customer service. Founded in San Diego, California by Glen Lockhart in 1997, we believe in using natural ingredients to produce outstanding and effective skincare products, based on scientific research. Larry Lockhart, Glen’s brother, and his wife, Barbara, became owners and CEO of BiON in 2007. Glen continues to offer his industry expertise to our business today.

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