Why Choose ItalWax

Italwax depilation hair removal is a full line of professional waxes for all types of waxing procedures.


Italwax depilation hair removal is a full line of professional waxes for all types of waxing procedures. All Italwax products were created and produced by Filo Bianco (Italy), which meets the highest requirements of beauticians and clients due to its private laboratories and the strict supervision of highly qualified specialists. The Italwax line combines the latest development of waxes. All Italwax products are effective, hypoallergenic and can be combined, which allows the depilation procedure to be clean, fast and painless.

ITALWAX has a wide variety of:

  • Classic warm waxes based on natural resin
  • Innovative low-temperature film waxes
  • Hypoallergenic synthetic waxes

Why Choose ItalWax?


Film Wax Italwax (hard wax)

For hair removal on delicate areas (armpits, bikini, face). Hot Film wax is a new generation of stripless waxes. Due to combining specific components, the wax has unique properties and advantages:

  • Film Wax has lower melting temperature 40 – 45 °C (104° -113° F).
  • The number of applications to the treated area is 3 times less than compared to traditional hot wax, and 38% more economical in use.
  • Low-temperature wax +38° C. (100° F).
  • Appropriate for hair removal regardless of coarseness and length. Application with the spatula is not dependent on the hair growth direction and removal can occur without the strips.
  • Film Wax application can’t be broken during removal
  • Film wax sticks to the hairs only, but not to the skin, reducing the pain and the skin irritation during the procedure

Film Wax Top Formula (Hypoallergenic hard wax)

Premium level synthetic wax is intended to be used for hair removal on delicate areas (bikini, face, armpits).

  • Wax is free of natural pine resin.
  • Does not cause an allergy.
  • Low-temperature wax (+38° C).
  • Wax is extra flexible, application can’t be broken, does not create stretchy threads.
  • Appropriate for removal whatever the hair coarseness and length. Applied with the spatula without regarding the hair growth direction, removal without the strips

Premium Class Wax – Cleopatra

Golden in color this is a splendid wax for luxurious depilation procedures. Cleopatra’s special formula allows the removal of unwanted hair throughout the body, including the delicate areas. Due to its special composition, the wax is distinguished with extra softness and plasticity, which provides an advantage for large applications. Using a spatula, the wax is easily applied forming an elastic film. It is removed as a film and it never breaks. The wax doesn’t leave any stickiness on the skin. It removes the thick and previously shaved hairs efficiently and painlessly from any body area. Full body wax is hypoallergenic, does not contain components, that can cause allergy or irritation and is suited perfectly for sensitive skin. 

Italwax FLEX (soft wax)

was created for hair removal on large areas (arms, legs, back). It contains the perfect mix of synthetic and natural resins with innovative components’. FLEX has very high plasticity and is applied in a thin layer with a spatula on large areas. After solidification, the wax forms a thin film on the skin, which grabs all the hairs (especially while working with the spatula) and guarantees firm adhesion with the depilation strip.

  • FLEX wax removes 100% of hairs, without breakage
  • FLEX wax doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on the skin
  • FLEX wax is significantly reduces pain from the depilation process
  • FLEX wax is suitable for all hair types, from fine to coarse

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