BiON’s Texture Triple Threat

This 3 pronged approach to treating skin texture will leave your skin feeling silky soft and radiant. Combining acids, enzymes, and manual exfoliation during professional treatments and home care regimens is essential for optimal results. Benefits include boosted cell turnover, brightened complexion, and a more youthful appearance. This Superior combination can also help lighten hyperpigmentation. Explore BiON’s products below.


Mandelic 8% and 15% Serum

Mandelic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that is naturally derived from bitter almonds.


Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

One of BiON customers’ favorites year around, Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is an enzyme exfoliation mask made from...


Fruit Enzyme Scrub

This fun, bright yellow scrub is for dry to normal skin types.


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