Hydrating Gelee Mask


Retail in 4 oz. | Professional in 8 oz 


Hydrating Gelee Mask, as a home care gel, hydrates and refreshes the skin. It can be applied and left on the skin, or removed with water after several minutes. Men will love it too!  In the professional size, Hydrating Massage Mask is essential for all salons, especially following microdermabrasion and peel. Use it for immediate hydration and its anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce burning, stinging and erythema. It helps the skin re-establish the lipid barrier functions and reduces dry, scaly skin conditions. By providing therapeutic amino acid action, it promotes healing.  It should be applied generously following laser treatment and allowed to absorb for several minutes. While this product is a mask, it can provide limited massage action, which can be prolonged by adding water. It is also effective to soften and open follicles prior to extractions. Do not use steam. PH 4.3 


  • Essential for all salons following microdermabrasions and peels
  • Provides immediate hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Helps re-establish lipid barrier and promotes healing
  • Can be used for massage and to soften and open follicles before extractions
  • Therapeutic amino acid action promotes healing

    How to Use:

    Apply to cleansed skin as a mask or massaging mask. Ad water to prolong massage action. Do not steam. Rinse off or leave on.

    Key Ingredients

    Phospholipids, Amino Acids (Proline, Alanine, Lysine), Panthenol (Vitamin B), Sodium Lactate

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