Hard Film Wax

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Azulene Hard Wax

Azulene wax is created for very experienced specialists, who already know how to use hard wax.


Natural Hard Wax

Natural hard wax by Italwax is a transparent wax with a special formula for sensitive zones .


Plum Hard Wax

Plum hard wax by Italwax is a pearl finish wax with titanium dioxide and a plum aroma. 


Pour Homme Hard Wax (Men's)

This wax guarantees to pull out 100% of unwanted hairs in 1 application with minimal pain during the procedure.


Rose hard Wax

The hardening time is 10-12 seconds which gives the professional time to work with the wax.  This wax is ideal for the face.


White Chocolate Hard Wax

This wax has a high elasticity and does not create stretchy threads.  It has a pleasant vanilla scent that clients will love.


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