Algae Soft Wax


14 oz. | 397 grams


Algae flex soft wax by Italwax is a transparent green soft wax. This wax covers each hair with a smooth film and removes all the hairs. Its smooth formula reduces pain during the procedure. Algae soft wax contains Seaweed Extract which provides an anti-aging and moisturizing effect.


  • Lower melting temp than traditional soft waxes making it safer for your clients.
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on the skin.
  • Green Soft wax that covers each hair
  • Contains Seaweed Extract.

Italwax soft wax is an innovative product by Italwax. Its unique formula is a perfect mix of natural resins with distinctive components. This soft wax is characterized by having a high rate of elasticity when applied in a thin layer with a spatula on large surfaces. Italwax soft wax forms a thin film on the skin, which grabs all the hairs and guarantees firm adhesion with the waxing strip. Waxing with Italwax soft wax is less painful for the client, compared to classic soft waxes, because this wax does not adhere to the skin.

How to Use:

1. Preheat wax in warmer to 102-104F. 2. Apply on the skin with wooden spatula. 3. Tightly press the strip to the skin. 4. Remove Strip with fast motion.

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Rooted in Science. Naturally effective. See the difference.

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