Bio-Essence Nighttime
Calcium Complex


Envase de venta al público de 1 oz. (30 ml)
Envase profesional de 4 oz. (120 ml)


This is an outstanding product for mature skin of all types, and the first choice for exceptionally dry skin. It stimulates cell renewal within 36 hours and significantly hydrates skin to cause a flattening of lines and wrinkles. Bio-Essence Nighttime Calcium Complex is essential following microdermabrasion, peels and laser treatments, as it helps to re-establish the lipid barrier functions and promotes repair, healing and cell turnover. It also reduces dry, scaly skin conditions and stimulates antioxidant production. Topical calcium provides anti-aging benefits and enhances skin cancer protection. Topical Calcium is also available in an extra strength Professional Topical Calcium Capsule. pH 4.2


  • For mature skin of all types
  • Stimulates cell turnover and significantly hydrates the skin
  • Topical calcium provides anti-aging benefits
  • Essential following microdermabrasion, peels and laser treatments for repair and healing


Para uso en el hogar aplique todas las noches en el rostro y cuello después de utilizar el complejo Vitamin A + Antioxidant Complex de BiON. Para uso profesional aplique en la piel después de la dermoabrasión, exfoliaciones y otros tratamientos con láser.


Rooted in Science. Naturally effective. See the difference.

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