Body Acne

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Characteristics of Body Acne

In addition to the face, acne may develop as body acne on the neck, back, upper legs and buttock. Body acne is relatively easy to control. During the first two to three weeks of treating body acne, the Antibacterial Cleanser or Bacteriostat Cleanser and the Salicylic-Glycolic Gel should be used once daily in the area(s) where acne occurs. Follicle Clearing Lotion can be used in place of the Salicylic-Glycolic Gel if the skin is dry and/or sensitive. Green Tea/Clay Poultice can be used as a spot treatment to speed the healing of prior infections.

Body acne control is usually achieved within the first two weeks. With some experimentation the patient can determine the frequency with which this skin must be treated to maintain control. Frequently control can be maintained with just one of the BiON acne facial cleansers or the Salicylic-Glycolic Gel. BiON has introduced Naturally Clean Body Wash, an antibacterial body wash for daily use on all skin types. Naturally Clean is a superior cleanser for acneic skin and sports minded adults and effectively helps to control body acne.  The natural antioxidant benefits of citrus peel and green tea extract work with Vitamin B5 to conteract surface bacteria and help soothe skin irritation.  Naturally Clean provides mild exfoliation, sebum control and improved skin tone.  The addition of 8 essential oils moisturizes the skin white you cleanse.  For best results, use a wash cloth or body puff.

Body acne that is concentrated down the middle of the back may be due to use of shampoo and cream conditioners while washing the hair in the shower.  This condition, called acne cosmetica, can be caused by hair care products and can also been seen along the hair line and back of the neck. Hair care products that contains oils, such as conditioners, pomades, styling gels, waxes and sprays , can clog the pores and cause whiteheads and tiny flesh-colored bumps called papules. Once the product causing the breakout is eliminated, it may take 4 to 6 weeks for the skin to clear.

Generalized body acne can be caused by shower gels and soaps that contain comedogenic oils. Treating the body acne with BiON acne products and switching to BiON’s Naturally Clean Body Wash should quickly resolve the problem without over drying the skin.  BiON’s Naturally Soft Body Lotion is a perfect complement to Naturally Clean Body Wash. This deep hydrating lotion for both men and women, shares the same nice citrus aroma.  The 8 essential oils soothe and soften the skin.  The sodium hyaluronate holds in moisture by adding a protective lipid barrier.  The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial ingredients, along with the astringent make it an excellent choice for acne prone skin.

Like facial acne, body acne can be related to linoleic acid deficiency (essential fatty acids), wheat-induced acne or milk (hormone) consumption. Refer to the Acne & Essential Fatty AcidsAcne & Wheat and Acne & Milk pages for additional information.

Mandelic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that is naturally derived from bitter almonds. The molecular structure of mandelic acid is larger than other AHA’s, such as glycolic acid. The larger molecule means mandelic acid causes much less irritation with less erythema.Mandelic Acid is extremely beneficial in treating acne.  Mandelic acid has antibacterial properties, regulates sebum production, and clears pores preventing recurrence of acne.  It reduces inflammation and encourages exfoliation and reduces acne scars.

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