Cell walls are made of lecithin and essential fatty acids. As explained in the section on anti-aging, free radicals attack the walls of cells, creating holes, and other free radicals begin to damage cellular DNA. This leads to the progression of dysfunctional cells and skin damage. When lecithin and essential fatty acids are added to the skin, cell repair begins immediately. Subsequently cells retain water and begin to function in a more productive and protective manner. Essential fatty acids further assist in re-establishing the skin’s lipid barrier function.

Nutritionists and physicians have advised of the beneficial effects fish (especially salmon), soy bean extracts and nuts have upon the skin. These foods are rich in lecithin and essential fatty acids. BiON uses high concentrations of lecithin and essential fatty acids (safflower oil, soybean extract, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, etc.) in its anti-aging and skin rejuvenation products, including Moisture Complex, Nutrient Essentials Mask, Line Reducing Complex and Bio-Essence Nighttime Calcium Complex.

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