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Muscular contractions are responsible for horizontal lines across the forehead, vertical lines between the brows and multiple vertical and diagonal lines in the eye and mouth areas. Repeated muscle contractions over time create lines in the soft tissue of the skin. Injections with Botox® (for example) paralyze the muscles and in time the lines frequently subside or even disappear. As the effects of the Botox disappear, the lines reappear and injections must be repeated to retain the smooth appearance of the skin

BiON’s Line Reducing Complex contains acetyl hexapeptide-3 which relaxes muscle contractions within minutes of application. It does not paralyze muscles like Botox, but reduces muscle contractions. In testing, acetyl hexapeptide-3 reduced wrinkle depth by 27% after 30 days of daily use. Long-term use of this active ingredient produces a benefit similar to Botox and lines can become more shallow and less pronounced in time. Acetyl hexapeptide-3 is contained in BiON’s Line Reducing Complex.

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