Acne Progress Photographs

These acne cure progress photographs will help to visualize how skin may respond to BiON acne treatment and the progress over a period of time. More frequently than not, people think their acne will become healed more rapidly than is physically possible. The responses of these patients are typical and there are three different types of skin responses

Gradual Improvement Response

Day 1 Acne Cure Success: The patient has moderate to severe acne and a combination of cystic acne and vulgaris infections with blackheads. Approximately 36 infections are raised to the pustule stage. Notice the overall redness (erythema) of the face and the bright redness that spreads out from each infection. Notice a generalized swelling of the skin throughout the jaw and cheek areas.

10th Day Acne Cure Success: Control of the acne has already begun. The erythema and swelling are already reduced. At this point there are fewer than 20 infections at the pustule stage (compared to 36). There are very few new infections and these are small and already in the healing stage. The control of acne with BiON acne products usually occurs during the second or third week of treatment.

10th Week Acne Cure Success: The control of acne progress is obvious. Erythema and swelling have almost disappeared. There have been no new infections for weeks. Typically, the slowest healing is occurring along the jaw line.

13th Week Acne Cure Success: Acne is fully under control. Healing of a few small pits can take another few weeks and as long as there is some amount of redness in the prior infections, healing is still in process.

9 Months Acne Cure Success: Acne is completely under control and there have been no infections for months. The patient maintains control of acne with Antibacterial Cleanser and Salicylic-Glycolic Gel twice daily. Green Tea/Clay Poultice can be used as a spot treatment if she begins to feel a bump or notice redness developing.

Flare-Up Response – Represents 24% of BiON Product Users:

Beginning of 3rd Week: The patient seems to experience a significant flare-up. Acne produces dozens of small, low-grade infections that eventually become large infections. BiON acne products begin to resolve these small infections and bring them to the surface. In most cases, this is the end of the acne but can be alarming to the patient because they fear their condition is becoming worse. The flare-up response can easily be identified because it occurs around the third week of treatment, the new infections are smaller than before and these infections begin healing more quickly than before. Be sure to advise the patient of this potential response when they begin the BION acne products.

Little or No Response – Represents 9% of Responses:

A small number of these patients may have the wrong product selection. Others may not be complying with the twice daily regimen.

The majority of these patients have had acne for several years or many years. They have used many other forms of acne treatment but without success. Their acne is promoted by wheat-induced inflammation, linoleic acid deficiency or reaction to the hormones in dairy products. These conditions are discussed on the Acne & Wheat, Acne & Essential Fatty Acids and Acne & Milk pages.

If whiteheads (and possibly blackheads) are always present, the problem is usually linoleic acid deficiency (essential fatty acid) and by addressing and correcting this issue acne control can be achieved. If whiteheads are not an issue, the problem is wheat or dairy. The supplemental pages on these subjects, Acne & Essential Fatty Acids and Acne & Milk, will explain the condition and provide guidance on resolving these issues. Contact a BiON skin care professional for additional information and treatment.

Once the condition that is promoting acne is corrected, all of these patients should be able to achieve acne control.


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